Studieoverzicht - 2017-05 SELECT

Number 2017-05 SELECT
Nickname SELECT
Status Follow up Date: 01-01-2020
Inclusion closed 01-01-2020
Other study number(s)
Participating parties/groups IKNL, AvL, Radboud MC, MUMC, ZGT, UMC Utrecht, ZorgTTP
Full title Stromal enhancement on breast MRI as biomarker for survival with endocrine therapy
Phase and type Retrospective observational cohort study
Age ≥18
Menopausal status Both pre- and postmenopausal
Indication Locoregional
Subindication Not applicable
Target sample size 1500
Actual accrual 1500 Date: 01-01-2020
Estimated study completion date 01-01-2020
CCMO approval Not applicable Date: Nr:
EudraCT nr.
Trial Register
METC approval Yes Date: 12-01-2018 METC: Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht Nr:
Amendments No Date:
KWF-CKS approval Yes Date: Nr:
News item
Sponsor UMC Utrecht
Principal Investigator(s) K. Gilhuijs, S. Elias, R. Pijnappel
Study manager E. van Leeuwen-Stok
Central datamanagement and randomization nvt
Monitoring UMC Utrecht
Local datamanagement UMC Utrecht
Funding KWF

Main eligibility criteria:
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